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Monthly Budget Plan

Take the guess work out of paying your bills and have confidence in your finances by using my budgeting system!

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Boren Budgeting System

My budgeting system in an easy to use customizable spreadsheet that will give you an overall view of your finances.


Know Where Your Money's Going

Instead of feeling frusterated each month wondering where all your money went, keep track of it and tell it where to go!


Don't Stress Each Month

When you have a plan in place you can stop stressing about money and focus on enjoying your life!

Have Confidence In Building Your Savings

Once you see where your money is going, easily set up a plan to build your saving account!

No More Arguing With Your Spouse

Finances is a major stress on marriages and many don’t make it because of it, stop arguing over finances by making a plan today!

Teach Your Children Now

Budgeting is not a trait taught to others and yet so many people struggle with it! Help set your kids on the right path by teaching them with this system!

Spend Your Money Guilt Free

Once your budget is set you will no longer feel guilty spending your money because it’s all part of your plan!

Limited Time Only!

What Makes My Budgeting System Different From Others

Other budgets want you to some how predict the furture and break down every dollar. That just doesn’t seem realistic, at least to me. My system is much more user friendly and less tedious! Life happens, plan for that!


This simple system deliveries great features to help you organzie your finances!

  1. Know how much money you have at all times.
  2. Know how much money you can and can’t spend on certain things.
  3. Feel confident that you have a plan in case of an emergency.
  4. See your money grow each month.
  5. Easily be able to pin point where your money is going and how to cut back.
  6. Birds eye view of your finances in one spot.
  7. Don’t stress when an unexpected medical bill or utility bill comes in the mail – Don’t stress about opening your mail anymore!
  8. Customizable to fit your unique family situation.
  9. Easily access your budget from your phone.
  10. No need to track it daily, once it is set up properly you only need to check in as needed!

It is easy to see exactly where your money is going each month and see where you can cut back, cancel subscriptions, make changes, send more to savings and more!

When you review your monthly budget you will see where you can save money and use that money more wisely. You will notice a trend with your utilities you can plan for, start shopping around for better car insurance rates, and decide if paying for all those TV subscriptions is really worth it. With my budgeting system you can then see what will happen if you were to move that money to another category, what that would make the future months look like.

Life happens! Unexpected pregnancies, job losses, injuries, last minute school projects, etc! It can be stressful enough dealing with the surprise itself, don’t let your unprepared finances stress you our more. Have a plan in place for when life happens!

This spreadsheet budgeting system can be customized to fit your family’s situation and style. Change the colors, add or delete categories, change the dates, and more!

Since this is a Google/Excel spreadsheet you can access it from any device anywhere!

No budgeting system is set it and forget it but this one is set it and relax until next payday! After you have your budeting system all in place you can have confidence in knowing that all your bills are taken care of and all you have to do is check in to make sure everything is running smoothly!

What’s Included

You will receive an Excel/Google Sheets File and Workbook within a Step by Step Course

Start Your Budget Today!

Stop putting it off, get started today with your new budget and make stressing over your finances a thing of the past!

Limited Time Only!

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