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How to Make $2000 a Month as a Stay at Home Mom with a Small Blog

I just love meeting new bloggers with stories like Victoria’s! She shares how to make $2000 a month as a stay at home mom with a small blog. There are so many amazing mommies out there making money from home and they are more than willing to help share with you how they are doing it!

I came across Victoria’s eBook Make Money Blogging at Any Level as part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Ultimate Bundle I had purchased. They run a huge special every year and this year I purchased $5,800+ worth of eBooks and courses for a whopping $97 bucks!

How to Make $2000 a Month as a Stay at Home Mom with a Small Blog

It was my birthday present to myself! And side note, it was in October so be on the lookout next October because I myself will definitely be purchasing the next bundle!

Back to Victoria, her eBook caught my eye because it shares how to make money blogging at any level. So, whether you have been blogging for a long time or just starting out you could learn how to make money blogging with her eBook.

In her eBook, she talks a lot about ads and ad placement. She does talk about affiliate marketing but I was already using that. I wasn’t, however, using ads.

How to make $2,000 a month as a stay at home mom with a small blog - mom blog from home

A Modern Homestead

Learn how to make money blogging even if you only have 1,000 monthly page views! Get real actionable tips to start earning an income blogging, and learn how to make a living as a blogger!

Victoria blogs at A Modern Homestead where she teaches her readers all about frugal living and living off of the land. She is a stay at home mom with a blog and she shares how to make $2,000 a month with that small blog! (Update: She made $110,000 in 2019 with her homestead blog)

That is amazing!

Everyone has their own blogging income goals and the average I hear people say they would like to make is an extra $1,000 a month! Naturally, we all want to make more but that is the first hump.

That is why I took what she had to say to heart and I started implementing what she had taught me about ads. I added ads to my blog and I have already started making money! Wahoo!

You can check out my ads throughout my blog.  Overall I can’t say enough good things about Victoria’s eBook Make Money Blogging at Any Level! It is a must-read for new bloggers!

Advertisements on Your Blog

She breaks it down for you as to which companies you should use based on your traffic. I love that part! I needed to know who would take smaller blogs and who wouldn’t! Also, I love that it tells you when and who to switch to once you have reached that traffic amount to get the most money from your ads.

Since I just started out with ads I played it safe and went with Google Adsense. Once you read her eBook you may be thinking well she has a different opinion about Google Adsense, right now I am just getting my feet wet and then I will switch like she says later.

The best part is when she explains how ads work. How you get paid by the advertiser. That was always so confusing to me. Is it per click? Is it per view? How does it work?! She breaks it down for you!

Ad Placement on Your Blog

Victoria talks about the placement of your ads and where you should put them to get the most out of them. Luckily Google Adsense does this for you but it is great to know for future reference! There are certain locations on your blog that will convert better and get more views. For instance, you want to make sure your ad is “above the fold”. The fold is where the screen ends when a reader first lands on your blog.

It is hard enough to get people to go to your blog but keeping them there long enough to scroll down and continue reading is another challenge. (By the way thanks for continuing to read!) So if you place your ad below that first screen view then odds are less for people to see them. Which means you make less from that ad.

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Create Products for Your Blog

Like other bloggers, she also suggests to create your own products and talks about where she advertises on her blog for her own products. She shares on how much that increased her income.

Creating your own products for your blog is a great idea to monetize your blog so naturally you want to advertise the products you created on your blog like you are advertising other companies’ products with your ads.

Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Like I said she does cover affiliate marketing in her eBook so if you aren’t quite sure how to use affiliate marketing to make money on your blog you can read about how she uses it in her eBook. Or you are welcome to check out some of my blog posts on how I use affiliate marketing to make money on my blog!

Victoria shares that between ads, affiliate marketing, and selling her own products is how to make $2000 a month with a blog.

Full of Resources

I feel like Victoria’s eBook was filled with great knowledge and it walks you through the basics but when I learn about new resources, that’s when it really counts for me!

I am all for learning new resources and sharing those with my readers!

Resources make everyone’s life so much easier! No searching and hoping you are getting the right company to work with. When bloggers share which companies they work with, that just saves so much headache and heartache for others!

Victoria’s eBook is filled with great resources!

I would love to hear what you thought about her eBook that shares how to make $2000 a month with a blog or if you have any other great reads you would like to share!

Happy blogging!


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